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Federal Legislation

In January of 2002, President Bush signed HR 1, the Education Act named the "No Child Left Behind Act" into law.  Title IV of that Act addresses the use of federal monies to pay for student drug-testing programs.  Click on the link below to view Title IV.
H.R. 1, (Education Act, 2002), Title IV excerpt covering funding of student drug-testing programs

Highlights of Title IV of H.R. 1

State Legislation

The Student Drug-Testing Coalition has developed a packet of information that would assist our Nation's States in adopting student drug testing legislation. 

Student Drug Testing Model Law Guide

Florida 2007 steroid testing bill

New Jersey Act 2005  - Authorizing the adoption of substance abuse testing policies in public school districts.

New Jersey Executive Order No. 72 of December 2005 - Authorizing the NJ Department of Education to develop and implement a program of random testing for steroids of teams and individuals qualifying for championship games. The program began with the 2006-2007 school year.

Texas 2007 steroid testing bill

2003 Virginia student drug-testing program bill

In 2003 the Virginia Assembly passed legislation modifying the Code of Virginia relating to schools to include provisions for student drug-testing programs by requiring the Board of Education to include "guidance for procedures relating to voluntary and mandatory drug testing in schools, including, but not limited to, which groups may be tested, use of test results, confidentiality of test information, privacy considerations, consent to the testing, need to know, and release of the test results to the appropriate school authority". Language was also inserted referencing specifically "voluntary and mandatory drug testing,".  Presented below is the amended Code of Virginia and the Guidelines Concerning Student Drug Testing in Virginia Public Schools created by the Virginia Board of Education.

Amended Code of Virginia

Guidelines Concerning Student Drug Testing in Virginia Public Schools



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