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Click on a link below to view the most recent commentaries and supporting articles regarding Student Drug Testing.

Mobile, Alabama 2007 poll: 90% want drug tests for students

In a poll conducted February 12–15, 2007 by the Press-Register and the University of South Alabama of Mobile County residents, it was found that respondents were overwhelmingly in favor of drug testing public school students.
Highlights of the results:
—90% believed that the Mobile County Public School System should implement a student-drug testing program
—The majority of respondents supported the drug testing of all students
—A majority also supported random drug testing of students participating in extra-curricular activities as well as on a reasonable-suspicion basis
—Almost half supported starting drug testing for students at the sixth-grade level
—92% favored starting at the ninth-grade level
—Respondents also supported the accepted standard for student drug testing in that any drug-testing program should focus more on prevention and treatment, than on punishment

Responses received from 406 adult residents of Mobile County and the margin of error was plus or minus 5 percentage points.

Source: Rena Haver, Mobile Press Register (Alabama), February 18, 2007.

Mobile schools implemented a program August of 2008.

Ginger Katz: Our House Fire (pdf),

Ginger Katz, co-founder of The Courage To Speak Foundation, in a column published in The Hours newspaper January 19, 2006 , speaks about the need to "shine a light on this problem that threatens the well being of our families, our communities and our nation"  as she shares her experiences with her child's drug use.

Student Drug Testing Works (pdf)

An overview and commentary weaving together research on student drug use, the 2002 Supreme Court opinion upholding student drug testing and the program components necessary to implement a successful student drug testing policy by David Evans, Esq.

Drug Testing is a Strong Weapon in the War on Drugs (pdf),

Lisa Brady's 2003 commentary published in the Student Assistance Journal. 

Open letter (pdf)

Mike Motherall, Superintendent of Sundown Independent School District in Texas, describes the process used to develop and implement a student and employee drug testing program, as well as the results of that testing program in an open letter.

Joyce Nalepka's Letter to the Post

Great Britain's Prime Minister Supports SDT Programs