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Student Drug-Testing Programs:

Separating Fact From Fiction

This video features experts on the legal and technical aspects of drug testing policies and programs, as well as educators, parents and students.  Hear what school administrators say about the impact of these programs upon students and school environments.  Learn why students say it works; why Superintendents say it improves academic performance; and why this prevention program will keep students safe and healthy.  Listen to what parents have to say about random drug testing in schools.  
 Produced by the Student Drug-Testing Coalition, Inc., the CD video provides answers to the most-commonly asked questions about student random drug-testing programs. It also provides school districts and school boards with expert guidance to establish student drug-testing prevention programs that meet accepted standards for such programs.   
 To request a CD, e-mail DrugFreeSC@aol.com providing your name, title, school or district name (if applicable) and the mailing address. Please put “SDT video” in the subject line.

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